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My First Post ~

Well here I go, my first blog post. I hope you can find something interesting in my posts. Let me introduce myself. I am Suzanne Tefft, The Window Dresser. I love all things textile. My first love is home furnishings, especially furnishings with fabric. I am a touchy feely kind of gal. When I was in high school I worked at a clothing store. They trained us to have the customer feel the clothing, they were more likely to buy it if it felt good. From that point on if it feels good, I have a hard time turning it away. Fast forward to 2002, I started my window covering business and I love it when I would get a new collection of fabric books, I literally touch and feel each one. Give it a try, go find your most favorite things around the house and do they feel like something dreamy? There is probably a reason why it is your favorite, and I am sure the color, texture and pattern have something to do with it to. Finding that one perfect fabric can do wonders for the mood of your and your room, whether it is a pillow, a throw, and a window covering. Go out and search for your dreamy fabric.

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